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INSIDE OUT: The Evolution of Brisbane House Interiors

13th October, 2019 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

| AU$25

Newstead House is thrilled to present The House Detective, Marianne Taylor, as she discusses how the layout, design, use and decoration of the interiors of Brisbane homes has changed over the decades. She will also explore the reasons for this evolution, including new technologies, new materials, shifting fashions and broader social changes which had a huge impact on the inside of the family home. The talk will be accompanied with images and stories of some of the fantastic houses she has investigated during her work as an architectural historian, which demonstrate just how much things have changed since Newstead House was built!

Part of Brisbane Open House

Numbers limited


Marianne Taylor is “The House Detective”, an architectural historian who specialises in investigating the history of houses. From grand mansions to humble cottages, she loves unravelling their secrets and believes every house has a fascinating tale just waiting to be told. With an extensive background in heritage conservation and management, she also provides consultancy services in these areas. Marianne was previously the recipient of the Helen Taylor Research Award for Brisbane Retro. This project involved researching and recording surviving “as built” examples of post-war houses, culminating in a highly successful exhibition and leading to an ongoing obsession with houses of the 1950s and 60s. In 2019, she has also taken on the role of President of the Brisbane Branch of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland). Through her work, Marianne seeks to promote the importance of understanding and conserving examples of our built heritage.