PLEASE NOTE: Newstead House is currently closed. Re-opening Fridays and Sundays from 2 August 2024.


Engage with one of our immersive learning experiences, created to inspire champions of history for all ages.  We offer a suite of innovative programs designed specifically for schools, adult learners, groups, families and little people.

We LOVE history! 


Time travel with your students back to an authentic historic setting at Newstead House. Surrounded by objects of the time our schools program offers an immersive learning experience like no other. Organise a school visit and find inspiring  experiences that will bring history to life for your students.


Talk to our passionate team about bringing your group to our precinct, where you can learn about Brisbane’s history, our collection and the people who have lived at Newstead House.


Perhaps you are looking for a bespoke education program at Newstead House, tailored to suit your students learning requirements?  Talk with our education team about creating your own unique student experience at our historic home


We love creating champions on history by inspiring young learners to engage & discover the wonder of heritage. Through hands on activities, workshops and other programs especially designed for our budding young historians we invite you to visit.


Sharing history is our passion!  We offer a number of ways to engage and learn, from workshops, tours to special events we aim to inspire your love of learning and history no matter what your age.