PLEASE NOTE: Newstead House is currently closed. Re-opening Fridays and Sundays from 2 August 2024.


Our volunteers are essential for Newstead House to operate as a House Museum.  These passionate, skilled and knowledgeable individuals give their time to protect, cherish and share our place and stories.   

The history of Newstead House volunteering, dates back to 1975 when Barbara Gibson formed The Friends of Newstead Inc. specifically to fund raise and support the museums operation.  Over the years the Friends have contributed substantially to the operation of Newstead House and with thank them for their significant contribution.

Today our  volunteers work directly with the management team to support the operation of Newstead House; across areas such as museum floor staff,  tour guide, research and specialised activities.

We would love to hear from you…

There are many ways you can contribute your time and knowledge at Newstead House.  Please get in contact with us to learn more about volunteering at Newstead House.


Learn more about volunteering opportunities at Newstead House.